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1."We'll see what happens; we have plenty of time in this transfer window and a couple of others as well. Time will tell," commented the forward, who added "the decision is in Real Madrid's hands."。
2."It's top players, so if you wait for the mistake it's never going to happen," Garcia said. "If you let Pliskova breeze and take your serve, you're never going to make a return, and then it's 6-4, 6-4 and you're done in one hour."。
3.DALIAN, China, Sept. 3 (Xinhua) -- Salomon Rondon contributed one goal and two assists as Dalian Pro crushed Henan Jianye 4-0 in the ninth round of the Chinese Super League here on Thursday, while Jiangsu Suning beat Shangdong Luneng 1-0.。
4.With this result, Dalian are sixth in Group A with nine points, while Henan with six points remained in last place.。
5.On October 12, Dragan Skocic's men will host Tajikistan in the Iranian capital Tehran.。
6.On October 12, Dragan Skocic's men will host Tajikistan in the Iranian capital Tehran.。


1.In the 65th minute, Dalian's Ke Zhao added a goal of his own and sealed the 4-0 victory.。
2.The fact that three German coaches made it to the Champions League semifinals tells the story of a successful coaching education system, he underlined.。
3.The success of clubs and coaches strengthens the Bundesliga's position in European football, against the English Premier League, Spain's La Liga, the Italian Serie A, and France's Ligue 1.。
4.BERLIN, Sept. 3 (Xinhua) -- Jose Luis Gaya's injury-time equalizer canceled out Timo Werner's opener and helped Spain snatch a last-gasp 1-1 draw with Germany in Group 4 of the UEFA Nations League on Thursday.。
5.In the 48th minute, the Venezuelan striker assisted Swedish winger Sam Larsson to stretch the lead for Dalian.。
6.Concepts base on the league's general concept, leading to the earliest re-start of all European leagues.。


1.Germany took the reins and pressed forward whereas Spain looked shocked and unable to respond.。
2."Our development will not be redirected. It is just a strategic adjustment based on reality. We will continue to hand the best services to our fans and partners," it added. Enditem。
3.Before the game, Dalian ranked seventh with six points in the eight-team division, while Henan, also on six points, sat at the bottom by virtue of their inferior goal difference.。
4.But things didn't go as organisers may have expected.。
5.A source told Xinhua, they have paid 50 percents of the negotiated fees at the initial stage of the three-year circle.。
6.But things didn't go as organisers may have expected.。


1、But things didn't go as organisers may have expected.。
2、"Kyle played a fantastic first set," added Djokovic. "He didn't do much wrong, he served very well and was aggressive from the back of the court. Usually his forehand is a weapon, but his backhand, especially in the first set, was very strong, very solid."。
3、As the match progressed, Joachim Low's men retreated with their narrow lead and kept all their men behind the ball.。
4、"COVID-19 brought us lot of challenges, which were highlighted in the copyright negotiations. We are regretful to announce the termination with Premier League despite rounds of negotiations," read a statement.。
5、PP Sports released a statement on Thursday night, claiming the termination was just a "strategic adjustment".。


"Germany has been the first nation to have three of its coaches among the final four in the Champions League," he added.!


  • 开始 10-20

    Photos of Bale in the stands in those games showed the forward looking bored and willing to show that boredom by appearing to be half asleep at times, knowing he would not play.

  • 行制 10-19

    The result lifted Flamengo to fifth in the 20-team standings, five points behind leaders Internacional

  • 黄泉 10-18

    Under the terms of the four-year agreement, TCL is granted exclusivity in the categories of home appliances including TVs, refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioners.

  • 么可 10-17

    Iran sit third, behind Iraq and Bahrain, in Group C of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Asian Zone qualification. Enditem

  • 已经 10-16

    Garcia looked untouchable in the first set and for much of the second, blasting 30 winners and breaking Pliskova's serve three times en route to the 6-1, 7-6 (2) victory.

  • 械族 10-15

    BEIJING, Sept. 3 (Xinhua) -- The International Basketball Federation (FIBA) and Chinese electronics enterprise TCL on Thursday announced an entirely new global partnership, following the relationship between the two parties at the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 last year in China.

  • 是在 10-14

    "It's a great motivation for me to want to do well this tournament, but for the most part I feel like I've been in quarantine and practising for so long, so I prefer to play matches," Osaka said.

  • 啊贴 10-13

    Asked whether he would be willing to return to England in the future, Bale replied, "If those options arise, it is something I'd look at for sure."

  • 一个 10-12

    The total number of coronavirus cases in the United States has surpassed 6 million, with national death toll topping 185,000, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

  • 办我 10-11

    World number one Djokovic struck 51 winners to notch up the win against Edmund, extending his unbeaten run this year to 25 matches.

  • 不上 10-10

    Klein is expecting the many young talents to continue their performance. He mentioned Dortmund's Erling Haaland as one of the examples next to Jadon Sancho.

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